Partner of choice for Albania

Best Employer

Biggest investor

Environmentally Friendly

USD 3.5

Spent in Patos-Marinza Oilfield, in Albania.

USD 587

Paid in Royalties for the Albanian State Budget.

2000 Employees

530 direct employees/ 1470 indirect-subcontractors employees.


Bankers News

Five years since the departure of the first train from the Bankers collection station to ‘Petroliofera.’

Transporting oil by rail has significantly reduced the environmental footprint ...

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Bankers in

Albania has a rich and unique history that has resulted in a country with a vast underdeveloped heavy-oil resource, an economy that encourages foreign investment, as allies of future development and growth.

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Environmental remediation

Cleaned more than 800 leases to date. Investment in lease clean-ups over $20 million.

Royalties & Taxes

Cumulative taxes paid to the Albanian 2018: around $700 million Royalty tax payments

Production & Growth

Production 2004: 600 bopd vs. 2018: 15,500 bopd. Reserves 2006: 101 million bbls vs. 2018:

Community Relations

Cumulative investment in community relations projects 2009-2018: over $8 million. Total