Partner of choice for Albania

Best Employer

Biggest investor

Environmentally Friendly

USD 3.5

Spent in Patos-Marinza Oilfield, in Albania.

USD 587

Paid in Royalties for the Albanian State Budget.

2000 Employees

530 direct employees/ 1470 indirect-subcontractors employees.


Bankers in

Albania has a rich and unique history that has resulted in a country with a vast underdeveloped heavy-oil resource, an economy that encourages foreign investment, as allies of future development and growth.

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Environmental remediation

Cleaned more than 800 leases to date. Investment in lease clean-ups over $20 million.

Royalties & Taxes

Cumulative taxes paid to the Albanian 2018: around $700 million Royalty tax payments

Production & Growth

Production 2004: 600 bopd vs. 2018: 15,500 bopd. Reserves 2006: 101 million bbls vs. 2018:

Community Relations

Cumulative investment in community relations projects 2009-2018: over $8 million. Total