Dear Suppliers and Contractors, 

This section of our website contains all necessary information about procurement procedures of goods, works and services which are conducted by Bankers Petroleum Albania.

Please visit and register in our Procurement and Bidding web site and download the letter — Prot 268 from the Documents.

The main principles governing the procurement process in Bankers Petroleum Albania are competitiveness, transparency, fairness and non-discrimination. Contracting of goods and services in Bankers Petroleum Albania is based on competition, availability of all procurement information and provision of equal opportunities to all potential vendors/contractors. However, only offers made by qualified bidders meeting the company’s requirements will be considered, and the procurement process is based on international standards, including the pre-qualification procedure. A database of vendors and contractors is being created in the company. 

The policy of Bankers Petroleum Albania regarding key categories of goods, work and services is to establish long-term relations with vendors/contractors and develop the respective markets. 

We invite all interested parties to take part in an open and fair competition with equal chances for everyone. Tender bids information can be found in the Instruction to Bidders.

In order to promote fair procurement and bidding, continues efforts have been done, our company has adopted some of the best available procurement standards and practices, and had further implemented E-Procurement system to make the entire processes more fair and transparent.

In case you have a complaint or take issue with a solicitation issued or a contract awarded by the Company and for which you as a supplier have sufficient interest, you may submit a complaint for review at the following email address: 

Kind Reminder: The information reported and the informant will be treated in strict confidence.Please feel free to submit report of any irregularities or concern.