At Bankers we want to continue to be a partner of choice for the country of Albania. They have offered us the privilege of developing one of the world’s largest hydrocarbon assets and we know the importance of maintaining our social license to operate

Community Programs

Our Community Relations Team in Albania engages regularly in consultations and development of partnerships with host communities, their representatives and their residents.

Health,Safety & Environment

We have developed a culture of ethical standards, including the highest regard for the health, safety, welfare of employees and respect for the individual. These standards are reflected in the way we conduct our business.

Privacy Policy

The purpose of this document is to inform personal data subjects on the manner of collection, processing, dissemination, storage and security measures taken for the data declared to Bankers Petroleum Albania Ltd (Bankers), processes which are carried out in full compliance with the provisions of the legal and regulatory framework for personal data protection in the Republic of Albania.