At Bankers, we believe that each employee contributes directly to the growth and success of our company.

By fostering a team environment where everyone is encouraged to apply their skills and knowledge effectively, we aim to provide our employees with the technical challenges required to keep our people achieving their highest potential.

We are proud to be an organization where the safety of our people, the respect for people’s rights, the responsibility for our work and mutual trust are key elements of our corporate culture.

We trust that every employee’s experience at Bankers Petroleum will be challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding.

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Recruitment Fraud Alert
Please be advised that Bankers Petroleum Ltd. (“Bankers”), its subsidiaries and the organizations that Bankers entrusts with recruitment efforts does not ask for any form of payment from applicants under any circumstance at any point in the recruitment or offer process.

If you receive correspondence from parties deeming to represent Bankers that instructs you to send money in order to forward your resume to Bankers, please treat it as fraudulent. Bankers recommends you forward information relating to this fraudulent activity to your local authorities for appropriate action.


Note: For residents of Albania seeking employment in Albania please contact


  1. Environmental Permitting Compliance Assistant