Community Programs

Our Community Relations Team in Albania engages regularly in consultations and development of partnerships with host communities, their representatives and their residents. Community input helps us plan our operations and investments in a way that maximizes benefits for the people. By employing local workers, spending our dollars locally, and utilizing local suppliers and services where possible, we are able to grow economic benefit for the country.

Bankers is implementing its Community Investment (CI) Programme based on needs of the local communities. It focuses on Economic Development, Job Creation and Community Quality of Life Improvements. Bankers’ CI Programme will continue for years to come with the goal of sustained long-term positive results.

Recovering from the CO2 release
Responding to historic flooding in Albania



Establishment of a new health center in “Kallm i Madh”


Bankers Petroleum Albania was always focused on improving the health service for the residents of the areas where it exercises its operations.

One of the most important projects is the establishment of a new health center in “Kallm i Madh” village of Fieri. Currently, this Center provides basic services to 1,600 inhabitants of the village, thus significantly facilitating their health treatment.

Prior to Bankers’ intervention, health services for the area residents were provided in an old school classroom, in very poor sanitary conditions.

Bankers Petroleum Albania, We care about the community


The rehabilitation of the Belina road


At Bankers Petroleum Albania, we are always careful in the environmental rehabilitation of the area where we operate and in improving the lives of its inhabitants. The rehabilitation of the Belina road helps Belina’s families, who use this axis every day for family needs and for various businesses in the area

The investment includes: road paving, sidewalks construction and digging of lateral sewers. Before the intervention of Bankers Petroleum Albania, the road was very problematic for the residents, causing significant air pollution from heavy vehicles. By building sidewalks and planting decorative trees, the environment has now changed entirely.

Bankers Petroleum Albania, We care about the community


Improving the conditions of the Fier Pediatric Hospital


Fieri Pediatric Hospital is the only hospital that provides health services for children in Fier Region and beyond. The hospital has a capacity of 100 beds and offers outpatient services as well as medical treatment services for children of 0-15 years old. This hospital treats 27,900 cases a year. The hospital was in very difficult condition due to lack of maintenance and investment funds

Thanks to the intervention of Bankers Petroleum Albania, it became possible to improve the hygienic-sanitary conditions as well as the waterproofing of the building, influencing the improvement of the hospital conditions.

Bankers Petroleum Albania. We care about the community!


Reconstruction of the ”Kallm i Madh” road



One of the latest projects for the improval of the infrastructure in the area where we operate, is the reconstruction of the “Kallm i Madh” road. This is one of the axes with the highest traffic in this region.

For decades the road was a major concern for residents in these areas. The rehabilitation of the road which connects these villages with the national road “Fier-Lushnje”, is an investment worth 37 million ALL by Bankers Petroleum and supported by the Municipality of Fier and Albpetrol.

Thanks to Bankers’ investment, currently this road offers fast and safe access not only for 4,500 inhabitants of the area, but also for all its many users.

Bankers Petroleum Albania, We care about the community!