Privacy Policy

The purpose of this document is to inform personal data subjects on the manner of collection, processing, dissemination, storage and security measures taken for the data declared to Bankers Petroleum Albania Ltd (Bankers), processes which are carried out in full compliance with the provisions of the legal and regulatory framework for personal data protection in the Republic of Albania.

Personal data is considered any information about a natural person, who is identified or identifiable. The elements, with which a person is identified, directly or indirectly, are identity numbers or other special physical, psychological, economical, social, cultural factors, etc[1]. These data are protected by Law no. 9887, dated 10.3.2008 “On the protection of personal data”, as amended, and the institution established for this purpose “Commissioner for the Right of Information and Personal Data Protection “.

At Bankers, we recognize and respect your privacy. Therefore, we offer this Privacy Statement to inform you of our policy towards the collection and use of personal data by the Controllers and Processors of these data at BPAL[2].

Please read the Privacy Statement carefully. The Company may update the Privacy Statement from time to time, so please check this page regularly. The Privacy Statement only applies to Bankers owned websites, but not to any third party sites that may link to a Bankers website. Please check those pages for applicable privacy policy.

The collection and use of personally identifiable information

On its website, Bankers allows users to submit personal information in order to request data or subscribe to mailing lists. This personally identifiable information includes name and surname, street address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number and company name.

Bankers use your personal information only for the purpose for which you provide it. Bankers do not sell or otherwise distribute identifiable information from its users to third parties.

The approach to personal data

Bankers Petroleum Albania Ltd. ensures every user that the data that arrives in its database, is stored with the highest security system and at the same time during their processing rigorously implements the entire legal framework in the protection and compliance of any action related to the data of users, according to the provisions of law no. 9887, dated 10.03.2008, “On the protection of personal data”, as amended and any other act approved by the Commissioner for the right to information and protection of personal data.

Personal data subjects have the right to control the data deposited by them and to request that this data be corrected or updated in accordance with the requirements of Article 18 of Law 9887 dated 10.3.2008 “On personal data protection”.

Users wishing to review personally identifiable information stored through the Bankers website may do so by contacting the company at our official address.

At your request, Bankers will remove or modify any information submitted by you, as appropriate, from its database. If you would like to perform any of these actions, please contact us at

Information about Children

Bankers do not direct its website to matters relating to the interests or data of minors.

Bankers do not seek to collect or store personal information from or about persons under the age of eighteen.


For your convenience, this site may contain links to other websites, including some sites run by Bankers or operated by other companies on behalf of Bankers, as well to third parties and affiliate sites not maintained by Bankers.

Bankers Petroleum Albania Ltd. has not reviewed all of these third party sites, does not control and is not responsible for any of these sites or their content. This Privacy Statement does not apply to these linked websites. Please check each website for its privacy policy. Bankers is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of linked websites not administered by Bankers.

Identity theft and fraud

Unfortunately, identity theft and other financial fraud are rampant. Unlikely Bankers or any of its contractors would ask you for personal financial information. If you suspect that an e-mail, phone call or letter requesting personal information, money or temporary employment may be misleading and the Bankers name is used in connection with that request, or if you believe your personal information has been compromised by Bankers or its contractors, please contact us at

Job applicant

Information for individuals applying for a job, or participating in a recruitment procedure or undertaking a partnership with Bankers.

What does this Privacy Notice cover?

Recruitment by Bankers Company provides information about personal data collected by the company about individuals applying for jobs, or participating in a recruitment procedure. This includes potential employees, interns and current employees.

This notice explains what personal data is processed, for what purposes, how long we store personal data, how to access and update your personal data, and where to go for further information.

Like this Privacy Notice, local privacy notices vary between states in which we operate to reflect domestic legal practices and requirements and are always subject to applicable law. For individuals who are successful in applying for a job, internship, etc., the Privacy Notice – Personal Data of the Bankers Employee and Contractor will apply.

Who is responsible for the personal data collected?

Bankers Petroleum Albania Ltd., is responsible for the processing of your personal data on its own account and undertakes to protect and not misuse this data in any case.

Notice – if you are under the age of 18 and wish to apply for a Bankers-sponsored education or innovation event

If you are under the age of 18 (or older if specified in any local privacy notice) please do not send us your personal information (for example, your name, address and email). If you would like to contact Bankers in a way that requires you to provide your personal information (such as education or innovation events), please ask your parent or guardian to do so on your behalf.

What personal data do we process?

We process personal information about individuals applying for a job, or participating in a recruitment event and/or undertaking an evaluation (“Applicants”) only for legitimate reasons in the following categories:

Human Resources and Personnel Administration

  • Job applications, results of interviews and evaluations:
  • Personal contact details;
  • Management reporting and analysis including statistical analysis and studies related to the quality of the recruitment process;
  • Internal audits and investigations;

The protection of personal data is based on:

  • fair, fair and lawful processing of information;
  • collecting for specific, clearly defined, legitimate purposes and processing data in accordance with these purposes;
  • in factual accuracy and, where necessary, updating and performing any action to ensure that inaccurate and irregular data is deleted or altered;
  • in keeping in such a form as to allow the identification of data subjects for a period of time, but not longer than is necessary for the purpose for which they were collected or processed.

Preliminary examination of Applicants

We examine all Applicants to whom we want to make an employment, inclusion or internship offer (as the case may be) and before any offer is confirmed due to:

  • Verification of the information provided by the Applicant during the examination / interview process. This will include verifying information with current / former employers and educational institutions. No steps will be taken in this regard until the Applicant confirms that verification can be performed.
  • Examination of Applicants based on publicly available or convicted lists of convicts and government sources and media sources. This serves to comply with legal and regulatory obligations, to protect Bankers assets, employees / contractors and in particular to ensure that Bankers comply with laws on trade control, prevention of money laundering and / or bribery and corruption and other regulatory requirements.

Personal data relating to suspected and confirmed criminal conduct, data relating to criminal evidence or proceedings relating to criminal or unlawful conduct may be processed as part of the pre-employment / conciliation examination but only for reasons of guaranteeing compliance with legal and regulatory obligations and / or to the extent permitted or required by domestic law.

Special categories of data (“sensitive personal data”)

For recruitment purposes, personal health data may be processed only to the extent necessary and permitted or required by domestic law for the purposes of the recruitment process, to assess eligibility for suitable job positions and to provide facilities in workplace, to accommodate people with health problems.

In addition, to ensure equal employment opportunities as permitted or required by domestic law, we may also collect data on Applicants such as their nationality, racial and / or ethnic origin.

For what purposes do we process the Applicants’ personal data?

Applicants’ personal data are processed only:


  • to take steps at the request of the Applicant before entering into a contract;
  • where necessary, to comply with a legal obligation to Bankers to ensure compliance with local employment and social security laws and regulations;
  • where necessary, for the legitimate interests of the Bankers (such as ensuring compliance with legal obligations other than those relating to employment or social security, protection of the Bankers assets and reputation, and Bankers employees and contractors) except as appropriate where these interests are dominated by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the Applicant; or
  • (Only if required by law) with the express consent of the Applicant.
  • provision of services as agreed in the relevant contract with the client;
  • compliance with legal, regulatory or professional requirements;
  • addressing requests and communications from the competent authorities;
  • contract administration, financial accounting, internal compliance and risk analysis, as well as client relationship goals;
  • use of application systems (stored externally or internally) for information technology and information system services (e-mail/archiving and the like) – this may include applications stored in the cloud, provided that the definition of data security and data transfer obligations to be performed by applicable Personal Data Protection Legislation (“Purposes”).

Personal Data may include information about client representatives, staff, project team members, suppliers and contractors (“Personal Data Subjects”), as well as Personal Data contained in information received in connection with the contract.

In those cases where the processing is based on a consent, and subject to applicable domestic law which provides otherwise, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. This will not affect the validity of the processing that was done before the consent was withdrawn.

Who will we share personal data with?

Your personal data is processed only for the purposes indicated above (or for a secondary purpose closely related to it, such as their storage) and will be shared when strictly necessary with:

  • Other companies which may be located outside your own country and the European Economic Area (“EEA”); AND
  • Bankers’ authorized third party agents, service providers and/or subcontractors in particular authorized third parties who conduct reference and background examinations on behalf of Bankers;
  • A competent public authority, government, regulatory or fiscal agency where it is necessary to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation subject to Bankers or as permitted by applicable domestic law.

Personal data transfers


When personal data is transferred within Bankers and/or to authorized third parties located outside your country (including countries outside the European Economic Area), we take organizational, contractual and legal measures to ensure that personal data is processed only for the purposes mentioned above and to apply appropriate levels of security to the protection of personal data. These measures include the Company’s Binding Rules for transfers within Bankers and the transfer mechanisms approved by the European Commission for transfers to third parties to countries that are not considered to provide an adequate level of data protection as well as any additional domestic legal requirements. You can request a copy of these by contacting


Security of your personal data


Given the nature of Bankers Petroleum Albania Ltd, your personal data may be transferred to countries outside your location which may include countries outside the European Economic Area. In cases where this occurs, we take steps to ensure that your privacy rights continue to be protected in accordance with Bankers internal rules and applicable law. Only if required by law will we continue to seek your consent to this transfer.


We have implemented technologies and policies in order to protect your privacy from unauthorized access and inappropriate use, and we will update these measures as appropriate as new technologies become available.


How long do you keep my personal data?

 We keep the personal records of unsuccessful Applicants for two to 5 (five) years after the recruitment or evaluation process is completed.

In all cases, information may be retained for:


  1. a period longer than two years only where there is a legal or regulatory reason for doing so (a case in which they will be deleted as they are no longer required for legal or regulatory purposes); or
  2. a shorter period in cases where the individual opposes the processing of his personal data and no longer has a legitimate intention to store them.

If you do not succeed with your application, the personal data obtained through the recruitment process will be stored in accordance with the Privacy Policy – Personal Data of Employees, Subscribers and Contractors, and you will have access to this data or get a copy after starting work, involvement or internship.

What are the consequences of not providing my data?

Personal data requested and provided by Applicants which are required to meet legal requirements and/or required to enter into a contractual relationship with you (or in the case of a contractor, employer/service provider), if you do not agree to allow them to be processed, allowance which is limited to what is needed for the purposes described above, will adversely affect your chances of being selected for the recruitment procedure, or your involvement in possible recruitment practices.

Your rights

  • We aim to keep the information about you as accurate as possible. Applicants may have access to their personal data, request the correction or deletion of personal data (but only where they are no longer needed for legitimate business reasons) or request that their data processing be restricted. Please contact
  • If you have problems, questions or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data and if you are dissatisfied with the way your personal data is processed / used by Bankers Petroleum Albania Ltd., then you have the right to submit a complaint to your data protection authority

Cookies and related technologies

Bankers may use cookies and similar technologies aimed at collecting and storing information when you visit the official Bankers website. This enables the company to identify the web browser of the website and collect data on its use, which sections you visit, the duration of your visits and to identify these when you return so that we can improve your experience when you visit our website.

For any requests, information or possible issues related to the website:, please contact us at:



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Law no. 9887, date 10.3.2008 “On the protection of the personal data”, amended.

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