At Bankers we want to continue to be a partner of choice for the country of Albania. They have offered us the privilege of developing one of the world’s largest hydrocarbon assets and we know the importance of maintaining our social license to operate. Success requires careful consideration of social, cultural, environmental, health and safety issues. We work hard to be considerate neighbours and invest in local communities by working closely with the people living and working in the same areas that we operate. Our focus has been on building strong relationships within communities based on respect, trust, and honest dialogue.

In May of 2009 we worked with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to delineate an Environmental and Social Action Plan which is used to guide the development and implementation of our CSR program.

Bankers has made it a priority to bring international standards for environmental management, safety performance, and stakeholder engagement to our operations. We are committed to the responsible development of the petroleum resources entrusted to us and will invest over $3 million in 2015 for these efforts.