Health, Safety & Environment

Bankers has established since the beginning of its operations in Patos-Marinza oil field, management systems for environment and Health & safety. We have set a high standard for HSE in our operations that go beyond the legal obligations, and we require that all our contractors and subcontractors work at our standard! We try to adopt an holistic person centered approach in everything we do, and recognize the value of our workers, treat them as assets and invest in them. We try to create the conditions and promote decent work for our workers – our human capital – which underpins our performance and sustainability as a business. Through this approach we look into being capable of producing lasting value, profit, stronger performance, growth and sustainable workforce.

Social sustainability is the backbone of resilience, and that occupational safety and health is fundamental to building and maintaining work, workforces, supply chains and communities that are all sustainable for the future. We put people first and recognise the value of our workers. We try to adopt forward-looking, long-term strategies and broader measures of social sustainability and human capital value.

Elements of environmental management such as complying with regulations and obligations, managing resources better, reduce waste and improving performance are just a few of the essential components of our management system. We are trying to move away from the ‘take, make, use, discard’ approach of linear economies, as it is essential if the world is going to transform to sustainability. The re-use and recycling of materials into products and services to maximise the value from them and minimise waste to landfill is paramount to our sustainability. In regards to this we are treating waste oil sludge in cement kiln where it serves as partial energy input to the process, we are developing projects to reduce energy usage, and we are investing in a project for oil sludge treatment to recover oil from waste, reducing the quantities and modifying the chemical composition of the remaining waste making it useful for other purposes.

Total Environmental Spending 2023 for remediation waste treatment and monitoring is approx. $4 million

A few environmental performance indicators are shown in the graphs!

We often go beyond the boundaries of our own leases to help local farmers by cleaning their drainage channels, repair of roads and access to land, construction of new roads and rehabilitation of oil polluted land . We work closely with local communities to positively impact their livelihoods and we conduct social risks assessments for new projects to minimize the impact of our developments!

Environmental Policy