30 DECEMBER 2019

Bankers Petroleum Albania employees have voluntarily raised over $ 17,000 for families affected by the November 26, 2019 earthquake.

Bankers Company is one of the most important donors to the government by donating $ 1 Million, but that has not stopped its employees to raise their personal contributions. The money has been deposited in the official e-Albania fundraising portal.

“As soon as the earthquake happened, a group of our employees headed to Durres. We went there to donate clothing, blankets and mattresses. This was the first reaction from employees. Bankers Company donated $ 1 million to the Albanian government, but our employees also raised funds. They raised and donated $ 17,000. The love, solidarity and support that our employees have shown are a symbol of what Bankers is all about” says the Deputy Director of Human Resources, Ivan Jin.

Apart Albanians, the company’s employees belong to different nationalities, such as: Chinese, Canadians, English, etc., but all have come together to make their contribution for this important cause.

“Helping each other is the key principle of our employees. Everyone seeks his support to cope with the difficult situation. Now more than ever we are asked to come together and help those less fortunate who need us” says Mr Jin.

Bankers Petroleum Albania Company has been operating in Albania for 15 years and produces crude oil in the Patos-Marinza oilfield. Since 2016, Bankers has been owned by Chinese society, Geo Jade Petroleum.