Bankers has invested US$ 4 million in improving the environment in the Patos-Marinza Oilfield

Thanks to advanced technology, we’ve not only reduced the energy cost per ton produced but also minimized our environmental pollution footprint. Since the inception of our operations in the Patos-Marinza Oilfield, we’ve established robust Environment, Health, and Safety (HSE) management systems.

Last year, our investment in environmental improvement in the Patos-Marinza Oilfield totaled approximately US$ 4 million. Our energy consumption rate stands at 0.62 gigajoules per ton of production, significantly lower than international standards, marking a notable achievement.

The management of hydrocarbon waste and the ongoing reduction of road transport are two key pillars in maintaining environmental standards in the Patos-Marinza Oilfield. We are proud to have eliminated oil transportation by trucks, further reducing our environmental impact.

Our project aims to reduce waste quantities and modify their chemical composition, repurposing them for alternative uses. At Bankers, we are committed to environmental sustainability and strive to make a positive impact on the Patos-Marinza Oilfield and beyond.