Bankers Petroleum Albania at the 3rd IENE Tirana Energy Forum

Bankers Petroleum Albania at the 3rd IENE Tirana Energy Forum

A Step Towards a Sustainable Energy Future

Bankers Petroleum Albania participated in the 3rd IENE Tirana Energy Forum, an essential event shaping the future of Albania’s energy sector, that took place yesterday, May 30, 2024. Organized by the Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE) in partnership with SEA Consulting, the forum brought together key stakeholders to discuss and strategize the energy policies and potentials of Albania and the broader West Balkans region.

Bankers took part in the 4th session titled “Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production and the Domestic Oil Market & Natural Gas,” where our Reservoir Engineer, Mrs. Ledina Shuaipi, represented Bankers Petroleum Albania. She held a presentation over the impact of Bankers in Oil&Gas sector in Albania by representing 90% of the total oil produced in the country. Beside drilling new horizontal wells the company is performing new producing technologies such as thermal injection. This session, moderated by Mr. Costis Stambolis, Chairman and Executive

Director of IENE, focused on:

  • The considerable hydrocarbon exploration and production potential in Albania.
  • Current production trends and planned investments.
  • The significant contribution of crude oil exports to Albania’s economy.
  • The role of natural gas in power generation and balancing capacities for renewable energy sources like PV and wind.

Mrs. Shuaipi, alongside other industry experts, provided insights into the advancements and challenges within Albania’s hydrocarbon sector, highlighting our commitment to sustainable and efficient energy production.

The forum also explored critical areas such as energy efficiency, cogeneration, the rapid increase of renewable energy sources, and the launch of the Albanian Power Exchange (ALPEX). These discussions are vital for addressing the growing energy demands and ensuring a stable and sustainable energy future for Albania and its neighboring countries.

We are proud to be a part of such a pivotal event and contribute to shaping the energy landscape of Albania. Our participation underscores Bankers Petroleum Albania’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and collaboration in the energy sector.

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