Bankers Petroleum Albania Continues to Support Local Schools

Bankers Petroleum Albania is proud to continue its commitment to providing financial support to schools in the communities where it operates.

As part of its community program, which focuses on education and supporting younger generations, the company has recently financed the establishment of sports classes and teams.

Kastriot Muskaj, Deputy General Manager of the company, stated that Bankers Petroleum’s latest initiative is in line with the government’s efforts to continuously strengthen and expand sports networks. Muskaj added, “Today, we are donating sports equipment and clothing as part of the Kallmi school’s initiative to encourage student participation in sports activities. Bankers Petroleum is proud to be part of this project, not only for the students of this school but also for the wider community.”

Bankers Petroleum has consistently supported such community projects, with the objective of improving the lives of residents and promoting healthy, active lifestyles for young people. The school of Kallmi te Madh, which has 104 students aged 6-15 years, and whose sports grounds are also used by the local community, is the latest beneficiary of this support.

The school director, Marjola Bilali, commented that the school serves as a community center and is implementing the Ministry of Education’s initiative to strengthen sports among young people. “Bankers Petroleum Albania is one of the most active companies investing in the communities where it operates,” Bilali said. Since 2016, when Chinese investors took over the management of the company, over $5 million has been allocated to community projects, focused on infrastructure, health, education, and training.

Bankers Petroleum remains committed to supporting initiatives that involve young people in the areas where it operates as part of its social responsibility strategy.