Bankers Petroleum Albania, Part of the Job Fair at the ‘Polytechnic’ Internship and Employment Opportunities

The Polytechnic University of Tirana has held the Job Fair for the second year in a row, where more than 50 companies have been participated, with the aim of creating a bridge-connection between students and the labor market, by offering to young people internship and employment opportunities.

Bankers, as the operator of the largest oilfield in the country which has a dedicated internship program has aroused high interest, especially to the youths that are studying for engineering degrees.

“I can proudly say that Bankers Petroleum Albania is one of the best employers in Albania as we offer high working standards for our staff. We are here today in this event, as part of our recruiting and internship program that we offer for students of different universities in Tirana, but especially for the Engineering degrees” declares the CEO of Bankers Company, Huanqin Xiao

CEO of Bankers confirmed that we are always seeking for talented and ambitious people, who can climb the highest career ladders in this company.

“We are thrilled to learn about their academic and professional interests. When these ambitious young people join us, it’s because they believe it’s a good place to work, they believe that they will be successful with us and we strongly support them” Mr. Xiao concludes.

During the meeting that Mr. Xiao held with Vice Rector of the Polytechnic University of Tirana, they focused on the importance of the continuous cooperation of the universities with the labor market.