Bankers Petroleum Albania proudly sponsors “Apollon” International Acting Festival

Bankers Petroleum Albania had the privilege of being the main sponsor at the “Apollon” International Acting Festival, an exceptional cultural event organized annually by the Municipality of Fier to promote art and culture in Albania. The festival celebrated its 14th edition from April 24 to 28 and was highly praised by critics. For five consecutive days, the most talented theater and film artists gathered at the “Bylis” theater, competing for the title of the four best Albanian actors.

Bankers Petroleum Albania is proud to have contributed to the success of this exceptional event and to have supported the arts and culture in our country. The festival brought together the finest theater troupes and artists in the country, creating a memorable experience for all attendees.

During the festival, Mr. Xiao, CEO of Bankers, had the honor of presenting the award for the leading actress, which was won by Ms. Olta Dako, a renowned theater and film actress.