Bankers Starts Hydrocarbon Waste Treatment

Bankers Starts Hydrocarbon Waste Treatment, Xiao: US$ 7 Million Will be Invested. Focus on Environmental Protection

Bankers Petroleum Albania, has started the hydrocarbon waste treatment as part of its ambitious plan for the environment. CEO of Bankers says that over US$ 7 Million will be invested in hydrocarbon waste treatment this year.

“Bankers is the largest oil producer in Albania. At the same time, we also focus on protecting the environment. We have invested over US$ 7 million in hydrocarbon waste treatment, a project that greatly improves the environment” said the CEO of Bankers, Huanqin Xiao.

The company is already cooperating with one of the largest cement producers in the country, ANTEA Cement for the treatment of hydrocarbon waste. Every day, hermetically sealed and certified trucks transport the waste to Antea’s factory. Incineration of hazardous waste in cement kilns is considered the safest and best available method. This whole process ensures that there is no secondary pollution and this was the main reason that led to the launch of Bankers’ collaboration with Antea Cement. But the company will not stop there.

For years in the Albanian market, Bankers continues to make a contribution not only to the area where it operates but also to the residents.

“We will build the sludge treatment facility in the Patos-Marinza oilfield, which is also an innovation for the oil industry in the country. Our ambition is to be friendly with the environment and for this, we will continue with these important investments” said CEO of Bankers.…/…/