Distributing 200 Food Packages of Aid to Families in Need

Bankers Petroleum has distributed 200 food packages to families in need in the areas where it operates. In cooperation with the Patos Municipality, Bankers has assisted the 200 families in this difficult emergency period from the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Bankers has immediately responded to the request of the Patos Municipality to assist the families, which are in difficult economic conditions. The Municipality has identified the families in economic assistance and Bankers decided to stand as close as possible to these residents, who are part of the community in the area where the company operates.

This is not the first initiative of Bankers to help the communities in the operational area. Only in the recent months, Bankers has distributed food packages to families in Fier, Patos and Roskovec areas on the eve of the holiday season. These initiatives are part of the Company’s Social Responsibility, which has been and remains close to the communities of the operational area in any situation.

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The report