Driving economic growth through innovation in oil production

Bankers Petroleum Albania, the leading Chinese business in Albania, continues to make remarkable strides in the country’s oil production sector, garnering praise from key figures including the Chinese Ambassador to Albania, Mrs. Pang Chunxue, and the Mayor of Fier, Mr. Armando Subashi.

During a recent visit to Bankers Petroleum Albania’s facilities, Ambassador Pang Chunxue commended the company’s pivotal role in the development of the Albanian economy. Noting the adoption of cutting-edge technology for oil production, particularly steam injection techniques, Ambassador Pang underscored the significant contribution of Bankers Petroleum Albania to Albania’s economic landscape.

Mayor Armando Subashi echoed similar sentiments, highlighting the positive impact of Bankers Petroleum Albania on the Fier region and expressing aspirations to attract further Chinese investment, particularly in sectors such as health, technology, and artificial intelligence.

Bankers CEO, Mr. Huanqin Xiao, outlined the company’s transformative vision for 2024, emphasizing the implementation of innovative oil production methodologies. By integrating steam injection technology alongside conventional extraction methods, Bankers has achieved promising initial results, with production rates reaching 25 tons per day in the early stages of implementation.

Currently responsible for over 85% of Albania’s total oil production and employing more than 1,500 individuals, Bankers Petroleum Albania stands as a cornerstone of the country’s energy sector and a beacon of successful international collaboration. With a commitment to ongoing technological advancements and sustainable growth, Bankers Petroleum Albania is poised to continue its positive trajectory, further enhancing its impact on the Albanian economy and solidifying its position as a key player in the nation’s oil industry.