Marinza residents will benefit from a redesigned water drainage system, an investment made by Bankers Petroleum Albania.

The project includes the cleaning, systematization and covering with pipes of the main canal in Marinzë, which paves the way for investments in infrastructure, lighting, sidewalks and the creation of green spaces.
Today, CEO of Bankers Petroleum Albania, Mr. Huanqin Xiao; Mayor of Roskovec Municipality Mrs. Majlinda Bufi and community representatives inaugurated the finalization of the project.
Majlinda Bufi, Mayor of Roskovec Municipality:
“On this occasion, I want to thank Bankers Petroleum Albania for the fruitful cooperation so far, between the Municipality – the Community and the Company. This investment is fully financed by Bankers and is very important for the residents of Marinza. Today marks the completion of the first phase and we are happy to work together with Bankers to improve the lives of 2,200 citizens of the area.”
Present at the ceremony was the General Director of Bankers Petroleum Albania, Mr. Huanqing Xiao.
Bankers CEO Huanqing Xiao:
“We at Bankers Petroleum Albania are very happy to be part of this important project for the local community. We are a Corporation of Good Citizens and we want to give back to the community as much as we can. Today is a reconstruction, tomorrow we will to be another project that will improve the lives of the citizens of the areas where we operate and not only. We are open to supporting similar projects with a focus on citizens”.
Bankers annually finances important projects dedicated to the citizens of the areas where the company operates, focusing mainly on infrastructure, education, health and recreational areas.
“Bankers works to increase oil extraction technology without forgetting the investments it has to make in the community and works in all areas to improve their social life, in infrastructure or other sports activities. This investment will serve to improve the infrastructure of Marinzë village, which includes improving the conditions for water drainage and increasing the opportunity for a better environment,” Mr. Xiao said next.
Bankers Petroleum Albania has a program dedicated to community projects with a focus on the area of Patos, Roskovec and Fier, and has made dozens of important investments that have helped the residents of the community. Only during the last three years in the area of Marinza more than 200 thousand dollars have been invested by Bankers for the construction of two new main roads for this village.