Rehabilitated facilities and new equipment for the pediatric hospital in Fier

The Pediatrics Department of Fieri Hospital will now provide its services to the patients in newly rehabilitated facilities. Following the restoration works that were carried out by the institution’s funds, also the premises were provided with important hospital materials and furniture. The investment for supplying hospital beds and other necessary equipment was made possible by Bankers Petroleum Albania.

Thanks to Bankers financing, it was possible to supply hospital beds, bedside tables and closets, improving so the conditions for the treatment of patients. This funding, which is part of Bankers’ Community Investment Plans will helps hundreds of thousands of children in the region who need hospital services. The Pediatrics Department of Fier Hospital provides health services for the age groups of 0-14 years old in the Municipalities of Fier, Patos, Rockovec and Ballsh.

This is the second investment that the company realized during the last two years in the Pediatrics Department of Fier Hospital, after invesing 67 thousand dollars for the reconstruction of the façade and interior facilities. Thanks to the support of Bankers Petroleum Albania over the years in this district’s Hospital, the standards in providing citizens health care have increased and the conditions for the medical staff have improved.