Bankers Increases the Oil Production

Bankers Petroleum Albania, the largest oil company in the country, has recorded a production of about 275 thousand tons during the first half of 2020. The average daily production is currently around 2050 tons, approaching day-to-day production levels before the onset of the pandemic.
Although during the months of the pandemic, the company was forced to reduce to a minimum the activity in the Patos-Marinza oilfield, now the situation has returned to normal.

“This has been a challenging period for us, but we have taken all measures in running oil operations and have managed to return to normal activity, continuing investments in the Patos-Marinza area” said the VP of Bankers Petroleum Albania, Luntao Chen.

Bankers’ investments during this period have not stopped and by the end of June, about US$ 52 Million have been spent on investments and payments to subcontractors, the state and local government. Over 80% of subcontractors are Albanian enterprises, through which employment and income are generated for the local economy.
Over US$ 16 Million in taxes were paid by Bankers during the first half of the year, were the biggest share is royalties, at about US$ 9.3 Million.

But, according to the vice president of Bankers Petroleum Albania, a special focus during this period has been to maintain the health of each employee, avoiding the risk of infection or spread o the Covid-19 virus.

“We have strictly followed the implementation of health protocols approved by the Albanian state for the Covid-19 pandemic.
The well-being of employees is at the core of our activity as a company therefore we have taken care that the work environment is safe, performing periodic disinfections of offices, maintaining hygiene and distances, wearing masks and gloves by every employee and informing staff on rules to be followed ” said further Mr. Chen.