Alongside With Institutions and Residents

Bankers Petroleum Albania continues to stand by the institutions and residents of the Fier region in these difficult days with the Covid-19 virus.

Bankers has distributed about 15 thousand masks to the Municipalities of Fier, Patos and Roskovec, which will come to the aid of employees who are in the front line of work. This assistance has also been appreciated by local government representatives.

The Administrator of Municipality of Fier, Florian Mucaj said:
“We thank Bankers for this donation made today for the Municipality of Fier that will serve for all employees who are on duty providing all the necessary services to citizens living in this area. This help from Bankers comes at a very difficult time for us, but it is not the only help. Cooperation between the Municipality and Bankers is ongoing as part of their community programs, through various projects. I want to thank the company again for its support. These donations are very important not only for the field groups that are assisting the pensioners, people in difficulty, but also for the employees of the Municipal Police, Civil Emergencies, Cleaning and all other necessary services”. In the last few days alone, the oil company operating in the Patos-Marinza field has distributed about 400 packages of food items and cleaning to families in need in the Municipalities of Patos and Roskovec.

Mayor of Patos, Rajmonda Balili said:
“In this situation where the local government has undertaken a series of measures to come to the aid of the community, we are also close to business, especially Bankers, which I find the opportunity to thank. This company has joined the request of the local government to supply with a significant quantity of food packages our citizens, where the company itself operates. The company, through its president Mr. Sun, has taken direct care to bring a quantity of masks for these difficult days. We will use these 5 thousand masks for all employees who are in the field every day and need protective measures. Thank you very much Bankers for being with us in these difficult days”. Bankers sees himself as a partner and inseparable friend of the community where he operates and has always stood by them through various projects, grants and grants.
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The Administrator of Municipality of Fier, Florian Mucaj
Mayor of Patos, Rajmonda Balili
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