Cleaning activity on World Environment Day

Following a tradition already consolidated over the years, Bankers Petroleum Albania has organized a cleaning activity on World Environment Day. Bankers employees have cleaned Darëzeza beach, the tourist area of Fieri district.

Employees from all departments engaged in waste collection on the coast, with the aim not only to maintain a clean environment, but also to enable the starting of the touristic season in a clean space. For Bankers Petroleum Albania such initiatives are in line with many others undertaken before.

The General Director of Bankers Petroleum Albania, Qing Fang, emphasized that for Bankers the environmental protection is at the core of the company’s daily oil extraction.

“In Bankers there is a tradition to organize clean-up activities for this international environment day. As a company which takes care for the environment where we operate by implementing modern technologies and reducing transport we also engage these activities as Fieri and Albania is also a country to us”