Construction works on the Marinëz-Roskovec have started

The works for the reconstruction of the Marinzë-Roskovec road have started, thanks to a joint project of the “Bankers Petroleum Albania” and the Municipality of Roskovec. The road is 2.6 kilometers long and its total cost amounts to about 350 thousand dollars. Most of the investment for this road will be covered by Bankers, with a value of 200 thousand dollars.

Bankers has always been committed in investing on important projects for the community where it operates. For more than 16 years in the country we consider ourselves part of the community and also their issues and problems.

“I am very happy to invest in the construction of this road, because Bankers operates in this area, in Marinëz, and we consider ourselves neighbors. This year, we are affected by the global crisis as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Bankers has been affected by the oil prices decline, but nevertheless as a good neighbor, we are doing our best to improve the living conditions for the residents of the area where we operate “, said the President of Geo-Jade Petroleum, Bankers’s parent company, Chen Huanlong.

The construction works for the Marinzë-Roskovec road are expected to be completed within the next year, and will provide a very good access for the inhabitants of some villages in this area.