Patos-Marinza is greener on International Environment Day!

On the International Environment Day, Bankers Petroleum Albania in cooperation with the Environmental Association “Zharrza” planted dozens of trees in the surroundings of the “Patos-Marinëz” oil field. Bankers executives and employees have joined the Association volunteers as part of the initiative to build a green zone around the area.

“International Environment Day has always been important for Bankers as a company focused on the sustainable development of this field. In addition to the care we show for the environment during our daily hydrocarbon operations, on this day we organize various activities in “Fieri” region. This year we have joined the volunteers of the “Zharrza” Environmental Association in planting trees in the surroundings of “Marinza”. We have developed a joint project to plant trees throughout the villages of the area we operate, as part of our strategy to continuously improve the environment,” said Mr. Luntao Chen, Deputy Director for Petroleum Exploration Development.

The Director of “Zharrza” Association, Mr. Qani Rredhi explained that for many years now they have planned and executed a joint project with Bankers, to set up a green zone of approximately 35 km that surrounds the “Patos-Marinza” area. This would help to improve of the environment for all residents who live in the nearby villages.

“Following on the International Environment Day, we are finalizing the planting of the last poplar trees. This project was launched in 2020, with the goal to create a green zone in the oil-bearing field of “Patos-Marinza”. The plan consists in planting trees along 35 km of roads, we have carried it through 13 km so far. The project is actually ongoing “, said the Director of the “Zharrza” Environmental Association, Mr. Qani Rredhi.