The Ambassador of China visits Bankers: Investments to Increase Production with Advanced Technologies

The Ambassador of China in Tirana, Mr. Zhou Ding has visited yesterday the premises of the largest oil company in the country, Bankers Petroleum Albania.

He praised the company’s successful handling of the pandemic situation, which when oil prices dropped significantly, not only continued to invest and maintain production levels, but also reached out to the community and various state institutions with different aids and donations.

“Today I had the pleasure of visiting and watching closely the work of the company’s professional team and I noticed that the standards here are very high. Patos-Marinza oil is heavy oil therefore the process for its production is complex, but Bankers has been able to keep up the pace of production thanks to expertise and advanced technologies”.

The Ambassador highlighted that Bankers is also an example for the safe and healthy working conditions that follows in its daily operations.

Bankers Petroleum Albania is the largest oil production company in the country. Production from the Patos-Marinza oilfield represents about 90% of the total domestic oil, while throughout its activity in the country it has paid over 820 million dollars in taxes to the Albanian state.

The General Director of Bankers, Mr. Huanqin Xiao, said that the company will continue to invest in this important asset of Albania.

“I greatly appreciate the visit of Mr. Ambassador to the premises of our company. Bankers is the company that exploits the largest oil field in the country and thanks to the increase in prices we will invest during the next year in the drilling new horizontal and thermal wells. We will increase oil production, which means more income not only for the company, but also for the Albanian state and the local community”.

From year 2016, Patos-Marinza oilfield is under concession of Chinese investors who have been focused in developing new and international methods in crude oil extraction.