Urban requalification of Marinza

Within the next year, the village of Marinzë will undergo a radical change, providing recreational spaces for over 2,000 residents of this area.

The first and most important part of the project is being facilitated by the oil extraction company Bankers Petroleum Albania, which has been operating for 18 years in the oilfield of Patos-Marinza.

The project includes the cleaning, maintenance works, and covering with manholes of the main draining canal in Marinzë, which paves the way for investment in roads, lighting, sidewalks, and the creation of green spaces.

Said the Mayor of Roskovec Municipality, Mrs. Majlinda Bufi

While the General Deputy Director of Bankers, Kastriot Muskaj said that the company considers the community an inseparable part of its daily activity. He added that every year Bankers finances important projects throughout the region where it operates, focusing mainly on infrastructure, education, health, and recreational spaces.

After the completion of the canal covering works, the Municipality will invest in the center of the village to radically change the spaces and appearance of this area.

Bankers Petroleum Albania has a program dedicated to community projects with a focus on the area of Patos, Roskovec, and Fier and has made dozens of important investments that have helped the residents of the community. Only during the last three years in the area of Marinza, more than 200 thousand dollars have been invested by Bankers for the construction of two new main roads for this village.